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Protecting People

City of Raleigh

“They are a top notch outfit and their biggest concern was our employees safety. They showed up timely and made sure the site was secure before allowing our employees in the road. Considering the work area is S. Saunders St and I-40 this was not an easy task. I can highly recommend AWP & will not hesitate to use them again."

Ricardo Hernandez Site Supervisor

Protecting Business

Major Telecommunications Company

“If we do our own traffic control, we have to use high-wage labor. We would rather use our technicians for more advanced tasks. The cost benefit is the main reason that we outsource (to AWP).”

Sourcing Process Leader

Protecting Time

Lambert's Cable Splicing Co.

"AWP is organized, disciplined and has professional leaders. We were impressed that they called a pre-con meeting (before starting work). We've never had one offered to us by any other traffic control company."


Protecting People

City of Melbourne

"I would like to personally thank you and your crews for being there when the City of Melbourne Wastewater Collections Division needed AWP’s assistance in an emergency situation on Eau Gallie Blvd. During this time the crew that responded was punctual, professional, and willing to do whatever it took to keep the citizens and City employees safe during the force main repair process. We appreciate the hard work that AWP has done for the City of Melbourne Utilities Departments and look forward to doing more business in the future."

Matthew Simon Wastewater Collections Foreman

Protecting Business

Ragnar Relay Series, Ragnar Events LLC

"Your guys were first class this weekend!! Constant communication, arrived where and when they were supposed to be there, and super friendly. Great customer service, and you should be proud. Let that whole crew know it was a pleasure working with them!!"

Jonathan Embler Race Director

Protecting Time

Miles Service Center

"The support center was able to accommodate this short notice request for us. You guys are no longer Area Wide Protection, but AMAZING WORKING PROFESSIONALS."

Matthew Kasinecz Distribution Tech Supervisor

Protecting People

Indiana & Michigan Power Company

"It is jobs like this, that makes it easy to explain the partnership we have to have. Without them [AWP] taking care of the work zone, the lineman cannot stay focused on the task at hand and that could lead to a very dangerous situation. With the traffic control handled the way it was, very professional and above all safe, the line crew was able to just focus on the job at hand and have a zero harm day."

Rustin Owen Fort Wayne District Safety Coordinator

Protecting People

SUE Tech III, Cardno

"I want to extend my gratitude for the workers AWP was able to supply Cardno. Your two employees, Brock and Darrin, were very professional, knowledgeable to the necessary adjustments on site, attentive, and diligent. Their thoroughness ensured, not only the safety of my crew and their own, but the motorist and pedestrian public.

I'm thankful that we are all home and safe with our families."

Josh Niemiec

Protecting Business

Large Gas Company

“We are very likely to keep working with (AWP). I expect the amount of business we do with them to increase in the next 5 years because we have acquired a number of offices that we haven’t integrated AWP into yet."

Senior Sourcing Specialist

Protecting Time

Major Energy Company

“We will outsource entire construction projects, but we ask them to use our supplier for flagging. We ask them to go to AWP for flagging needs.”

Contract Manager

Protecting People

Major Energy Supplier

“Traffic control has a variety of laws in place that differ from state to state. The safety of our crews is our primary concern. We trust AWP to control traffic carefully in and around our work zones so that not only our crews, but also AWP’s workers and the general public, are safe. They [deliver on] traffic control projects every day in every state. They will do longer term projects that are more planned but AWP also has people on call that can respond quickly to emergencies or short-notice projects."

Distribution Contract Manager

Protecting Business

HVJ Associates Inc., Engineering Firm

"AWP did an amazing job. They were on time, professional, and great to deal with. I will definitely be using AWP as our primary traffic control company moving forward."

Doug Senior Technician

Protecting Time

Traffic Company

“A major advantage of outsourcing traffic control is that you don’t have to worry about having the equipment or skill set yourself. The traffic control provider will bring everything”

Division Manager

Protecting People

Major Gas Company

"AWP also makes the environment much safer, which is valuable to us. They are all trained and they have all the materials so it is a very safe environment."

Senior Sourcing Specialist

Protecting Business

The Global Endurance Sport Series

"Everything was great, you guys were super on it and it went super smooth. Thanks so much for taking the time to wrap your head around our operations and execute everything so our athletes had a safe and enjoyable event. It was a great experience working with you and your team, we’ll definitely plan to use you in the future. You were excellent to work with Brendan and I’ve worked with a lot of traffic control companies where that is not the case. It makes a big difference operationally when we’re not scrambling to cover another company’s mistakes - and you left us in great shape today. Much appreciated!!!”

Josh Oliveri Race Director